We can change your regular house to a smart sophisticated up-to-date one. We offer to homeowners and contractors the widest selection of affordable home automation, security sensors and systems, home networking, surveillance cameras and remote control products.

OmniPro II controls nearly 400 lights, appliances or groups, and security for up to 176 zones. Ideal for houses and offices that are 3,000 square feet or larger (pic home1)


To secure your small house, OmniLT can control up to 26 lights, appliances and thermostats, monitor activity and track events. With one touch, you can adjust it according to your lifestyle and schedule. In addition that it provides security for up to 24 zones. (pic home2)


The Complete Security set that every house needs! 7-Piece 16-Zone Wireless Security System. The system consists of (pic home3)

  • Dialer and control console
  • One PIR motion detector
  • Two Door or Window sensors
  • Handheld Remote Control
  • Key-chain Remote Control
  • Batteries, Phone Cable, and Security Warning Stickers

Wireless Home security panel includes pet immune wireless system, magnetic door/window contact, smoke detector, wireless glass-break sensor, wireless keypad, outdoor siren, and wireless repeater (pic home4)


Control this camera from the net.. Watch live video from anywhere in the world where you can access the Internet! Find out what's happening inside your house from anywhere you want with a COLOR surveillance camera. (pic home5)


Mechanical digital doorlock. Door access without any wires or batteries. (pics home6


IR-remote controlled dead-bolt. It's time to lock/unlock your door using a remote control. Since it uses battery, there's no mess with the power cables (pic home7)


Long range wireless door/ windows sensor can be used at your house, office or school, to monitor your doors and windows. It has a longer range and longer battery life than the standard door/window sensor. (pic home 8)


And more…..

  As improved technology and manufacturing techniques are utilized, we are able to develop products which fill more needs at even more affordable prices.

With our smart appliances, you can feel the difference