Super User Program
Operating System & Network Technologies Track
Courses, Course Pre-requisites & International Certification Tests
Introduction to PCs and Windows 2000.
Course Duration: 24 Hrs.
Course Code: CY 110.
Prerequisite: Basic Knowledge.

Introduction to PCs.

Windows 2000 Fundamentals.

Working with Files and Folders.

Working With Editors


Microsoft Windows 2000 Administration .
Course Duration: 24 Hrs.
Course Code: NT 61.
Prerequisite: CY 110.

The Windows 2000 Network Administrator.

User Administration.


Resource Administration.

Managing Application.

General Network Administration.

Backing Up and Restoring Data.

General Administration.


Microsoft Windows 2000 Concepts and Implementation.
Course Duration: 18 Hrs.
Course Code: NT 62.
Prerequisite: CY 110.

Introduction to Windows 2000 Server.

Installing Microsoft Windows 2000 Server.

Automating the Installation Process.

Microsoft Management Console.

Managing Windows 2000 Server Configuration.

Disk Management.

File Access Management.

Managing the Distributed File System.

Offline File Caching.

Windows 2000 Networking and Security.


Managing Domain Name Service.

Advanced Administration with Active Directory.

Administrative Strategies Microsoft Management Console.

Administering Group Policies.

Managing Application Support.

Administering Remote Access.

Administering Terminal Services.

Monitoring and Optimization.

Troubleshooting and Disaster Recovery.


Linux Basics.
Course Duration:

18 Hrs.

Course Code: QLX13.
Prerequisite: CY 110.


Using the System.

Linux Documentation.

File and Directories.

Using Files.

File Permissions.

The vi Editor.

Bash Shell Basics.

Using Shell Variables.


Controlling Processes.

Customizing the User Environment.

Linux Utilities.

Additional Shell Features.

X Windows Concepts.

Customizing X Window.


Linux System Administration.
Course Duration: 24 Hrs.
Course Code: QLX03.
Prerequisite: QLX13.

Physical Planning and Maintenance.

Advanced Linux Installation.

Startup and Shutdown.

System Administration Tools.

Packaging Tools.

X Windows System.

Kernel Compilation and Configuration.

Character Devices, PCMCIA and USB.

Block Devices, RAID and LVM.

File System.

Memory Management.


Backup and Restore.

User Administration.

User-Level Security.




Policies and Procedures.


Course Duration: 78 Hrs.
Course Code: N10-003.
Prerequisite: Basics Windows.

Network Theory.

Network Communications Methods.

Network Data Delivery.

Network Media and Hardware.

Network Implementations.

Network with TCP/IP.

TCP/IP Services.

Other Network Protocols.

Local Area Network (LAN) Infrastructure.

Wide Area Network (WAN) Infrastructure.

Network Security.

Remote Networking.

Disaster Recovery.

Network Data Storage.

Network Operating Systems.

Network Troubleshooting.


Internet Security
Course Duration: 18 Hrs.
Course Code: IS01
Prerequisite: Net+.

Use of the Internet.

Information Security Basics.

Introduction to Boundary Services.

Internet Access.

Secure Internet Access.

Secure e-Mail.

Wireless Security.

Personal Firewalls.

VPN Remote access.


Business and Technical Writing in English
Course Duration: 36 Hrs.
Course Code: CZ07.
Prerequisite: None.

Grammar focus:

•  Verb to be, verb to have verb to do.

•  Pronouns

•  Adjectives (Comparative Superlative)

•  Nouns :

•  Singular and plural nouns

•  Countable and uncountable nouns

•  Articles

•  Indefinite (A An)

•  Definite (The)

•  The Zero article

•  The Present simple tense

•  Past simple tense

•  The Present continuous tense

•  The past continuous tense

•  The present perfect tense

•  The past perfect tense

•  The future simple tense

• The conditionals

Writing skills



Total Training Hours: 240Hrs.
International Certification : CompTIA Network+